All You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Flute Tuition

Flute Tuition

All You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Flute Tuition


All You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Flute Tuition

While various types of sport have been noted as popular extra-curricular activities for children; parents do often consider the option of performing arts as a means of enhancing their child’s creative abilities.  Performing arts can take form in singing, acting, dance, and playing a musical instrument – each presenting several benefits for the child participating in the lessons.  Generally, the piano is the most fashionable option for beginner musicians; however, there is an array of musical instruments from which to choose ranging from acoustic guitars to marimbas.  This article looks at the flute and discusses different advantages for children who learn to play this instrument.

1. Self Confidence

Learning to play he flute can be a challenging task and will require discipline, motivation, and hard work to reach any level of mastery.  If the child presents with these characteristics and perseveres in lessons, he or she will progress and learn how to play the flute; thus, gaining not only skill but also self confidence in their ability.  This self confidence can also help them in other aspects of their life making the child feel more independent and sure of themselves.

2. Learning Fine Motor Skills

As is stated above, learning to play the flute can be a challenging task; however, this is not on a psychological level exclusively but also on a physical level.  Flutes are a particularly difficult instrument to master as they require expert use of fine motor skills and an ability to coordinate the fingers in a unique manner.  This can be exceptionally difficult and strenuous for younger children or children who have health conditions that affect their body movements; however, despite being difficult it can also be a positive treatment to enhance development of fine motor skills.

3. Learning Team Work

Many children begin music lessons, in this instance flute tuition, on a 1:1 basis; however, it is often seen that a child will join a group of musicians.  The band is typically a school or community band comprised of children of different ages and is created to help children learn how to play in a group.  In some cases, it is also seen that the band allows the musicians to assist in writing music in addition to playing the music.  This teaches the child a valuable life lesson in how to both work in a team and direct a team.

4. Interests And Expression

One exciting feature of all performing arts is that they are created to allow for self-expression.  It is this capacity for self-expression that typically entices children and sparks their interest in the art – in this case, playing the flute.  Many children take self-expression beyond the individual instrument and try to learn as many instruments as possible mastering as many tunes as possible; however, it all begins with beginner flute tuition.  The final advantage of flute tuition listed in this article is an introduction to self-expression and the exposure to an interest in music.

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