Daily Flute Maintenance – Part 1


 Daily Flute Maintenance – Part 1


As the flute is played, moisture builds up inside the tube.

Whilst the instrument is designed to cope with this, it is best to wipe it out after each use, in order to prevent decay of pads, corrosion of the flute, and a bad smell.

Several items are needed as part of the daily cleaning kit.

Cleaning Rod

The cleaning rod, which should have been supplied, is a long rod (approximately the length of the body of the flute), with a hole in one end. Rods are commonly made from plastic or metal, but wood is best, as it prevents scratches on the inside of the instrument. The cleaning rod is commonly kept in a special compartment inside the case.

Cleaning cloth

The cloth you use for cleaning the inside of your flute should be lint-free, soft, and quite absorbent. Some flute manufacturers provide a loose-woven gauze-style cloth. Ensure that the cloth is of a reasonable size, so that it can be adequately cleaned.

Polishing cloth

This is a soft lint-free cloth that is used exclusively for gently removing fingerprints from the surface of the instrument after use. Do not use a designated “silver polishing cloth”, as the chemicals in these cloths will damage the surface of the flute.



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