Flute Electronic Amplification



Flute Electronic Amplification


A flute can be amplified by microphone or by pickup. There are advantages to each method. A microphone gives you a certain degree of flexibility by allowing you to move the flute closer and farther away.

You can go all the way from a low, breathy tone played close to the mike to shrieking high notes played on the flute from a distance, all without touching a control.

Pickups on the flute also have strong advantages. You don’t have to worry about where your flute is in relation to a mike.

Feedback problems are reduced or eliminated. Often the pickup is used with a preamp that can be kept near you, giving you full control over your own volume output. The pickup can be easily hooked through various electronic special effect devices. Probably most important of all, the reproduction quality of pickups is substantially better than that of microphones. In fact, this can even be a disadvantage—it’s harder to hide your faults from a pickup.

The pickups in use today are electronic assemblies that fit within the flute head joint itself, replacing the cork. The various pickups available are based on differing principles, each pickup having its own peculiar characteristics. If possible, try out various types in your flute before buying.

For good reproduction, a voice amplification system or PA is required. Electric guitar amplifiers will not reproduce clearly.


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