Flute Re-discovery – Part 1


Here is a great series on re-discovering the flute

Flute Re-discovery – Part 1

Re-beginner flutists. These are folk who once played flute in high school, or as a child, and would like to return to the instrument for the love of it.

Steps to returning to the Flute:

1. Get the flute checked out by a reputable repair technician

2. Learn to assemble the flute so that it balances in the hands

3. Check your ability to stretch, breathe, stand with balanced posture

4. Learn some basic fundamental exercises that will keep your flute playing skills on an upward spiral

5. Get a few re-introductory lessons that cover the basics and give tips on how to reinforce the best and quickest flute exercises

6. Either find a duet player to play duets with each week, or find a musical group where the musicians are at the same stage as you or at a higher level

7. Listen to recordings/go to live concerts

8. Follow a flute learning system

9. Develop a library of flute CDs, or sheet music or books

10. Continue to learn, investigate, ask questions, and be creative.

If each of the above steps is followed even to a small degree, and none are missed, the joy of flute playing will be in your life for many years to come. However, if you don’t follow up on some of the steps, it’s easy to get bogged down, and start to feel as if you’re back-sliding again. We all want to avoid a feeling of frustration, so follow the reasoning on each of the steps, and you’ll soon find yourself zooming happily along on your flute.

Next week we will look at some of the above steps in more detail. Until then – Happy Fluting!



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