Flute Sales New and Used



Flute Sales New and Used

Flute Sales New and Used

We stock the world’s best selling student flute, the renowned Gemeinhardt 2SP. It comes with curved or straight head options, and we can supply any of Gemeinhardt’s range upon request, often lower than even their direct selling price. Just ask us for details of our New and Used Flute Sales.

Check out Gemeinhardt’s complete range by clicking on the link below. Remember those prices are in US dollars, and don’t include delivery from the United States. Even though the Australian dollar has lost ground recently we will do our utmost to get as near to those prices in Australian dollars as we possibly can, and you won’t have to pay shipping from America!

Choose your model and contact us now for New and Used Flute Sales.

Gemeinhardt 2SP

This student flute has been a standard and reliable instrument choice for decades. It remains the most popular instrument selected by dealers and educators for beginning flutists. With an unprecedented level of quality control including two tiers of professional magnehelic bench testing, the Gemeinhardt 2SP provides a solid foundation for student musicians to build on.

Our price – $599 plus p&p (local pick-up or delivery can be arranged. Interstate postage and packaging charge = $20)

Gemeinhardt 2SPCH

This student flute comes with curved and straight heads, all in a purpose designed carry case. Curved heads are recommended for smaller students, who have difficulty reaching the keys, due to arm length. It has the effect of shortening the instrument. Once the student has grown, they can progress to the straight head, and the flute becomes as a standard Gemeinhardt 2SP. As a rough guide, the average child will usually require a curved head until they are around eight years old.

Our price – $725 plus p&p (local pick-up or delivery can be arranged. Interstate postage and packaging charge = $20)

Ask us about upgrading to a solid silver head joint for your existing flute, or moving up to the next model you require to progress in your studies, or playing needs. We order direct from Gemeinhardt, and can access their whole range of flutes, piccolos, flute accessories, or even clarinets, or saxophones, should you wish to diversify.

We accept payment via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer or cash.

Used Flutes

We stock a range of used flutes, which have all been fully reconditioned. All are respected and well known brands, and we give a six month warranty, covering mechanical failure, parts and adjustment. They look and play like new!

(Interstate postage and packaging charge = $20)

Our current stock: 

Jupiter (Hard & soft cases) – $360 SOLD

Pearl PF-501 (Hard & soft cases. Beautiful flute) – $475 SOLD

Blessing 101 – $310

Jupiter 511E (curved and straight head – ideal for younger students) – $410 SOLD

Yamaha 221 – $390 SOLD

Yamaha 211 (includes hard and soft cases) – $375 SOLD

Yamaha YFL-211s with brand new solid silver head joint – $950 SOLD

“I am so impressed with Exclusively Flutes. The reconditioning of the flute is outstanding; it looks like a new instrument & sounds so beautiful. Your customer service is also impeccable. 

I will be highly recommending Exclusively Flutes to anyone purchasing an instrument or seeking flute servicing.” – Karen Roberts

Gemeinhardt M2

Gemeinhardt M2

Emerson ELD

Emerson ELD

Pearl PF505

Pearl PF505

Armstrong 104

Armstrong 104

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