Professional Flute Service

 Flute Service

Professional Flute Service

You should have a flute service every 6-12 months.

In a routine flute service, the technician should complete tasks such as:

  • removing any dents from the body of the flute.
  • check all pads for wear, and make necessary replacements.
  • a small amount of shimming.
  • a full clean of the flute, including under the mechanism, removing most dust and tarnish.
  • inspection of the case, to ensure it is adequately protecting the flute.
  • cleaning and oiling of the mechanism, to keep it running smoothly.
  • inspection and necessary replacement of any worn or missing felts or corks.
  • inspection of the instrument for air leaks, and make necessary adjustments.

Specialized Tasks

Various further tasks in addition to a flute service may be required to bring your flute to full working order.

Often this would be to treat damage inflicted upon the flute, such as a dent in the body or head joint, a bent key or a snapped spring. These things can be costly to repair, so you are best advised to take good care of your instrument in the first place!

Exclusively Flutes can carry out all your flute service requirements, and any repairs such as dent removal, cork or felt replacement, spring replacement, or even minor areas of silver plating. Ask about our competitive prices.

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