Used Flutes – Yes or No?

Used flutes

Used Flutes

Used Flutes – Yes or No?

The age old question always has ‘fors’ and ‘againsts’, and really, unless you’re purchasing a used flute from a reputable source, such as Exclusively Flutes, then you do need a little luck on your side.

That bargain you bid for on eBay, or bought on Gumtree, which looked so nice in the grainy photo, and said it was in good condition in the description, can really end up costing you a lot of money if it requires anything more than just a minor service, and having bought more than my fair share of used flutes, let me tell you, they normally do.

Any used flute we purchase for Exclusively Flutes is immediately stripped and re-padded, irrespective of its condition. The head cork is replaced, all springs are checked and adjusted or replaced as necessary, as are the key corks or felts. That way, once it’s cleaned, all dents removed, and rebuilt, we can be confident that it is almost as good as new. We even clean the case, or replace it with a new one if necessary. You won’t get six months warranty from an eBay seller, but you will from us.

Buying a used flute from Exclusively Flutes then, is not a gamble. We don’t sell anything that might tarnish our reputation, and as a relatively new company our reputation is very important to us.

Next week we will re-visit some tips for buying a used flute for those of you who are game. I will outline some of the pitfalls, and what specifically to look out for and avoid. If in the meantime you really can’t wait, or you’ve already bought one, then have a look at our servicing page. All is not lost, and we would be glad to bring it up to standard for you.

Until then….


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